August 4, 2021

Create Mobile Websites For Local Businesses

Justin Sun is an Australian internet entrepreneur, the creator of the currency platform TRON and currently CEO of Rainforest Communications, inc. Recently, he has become the CEO and co-founder of mobile application Peiwo. At the start of 2021, Justin started his business venture at age 29 after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a major specializing in Electrical Engineering and Management. Today, he serves as one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the world, with over $2 billion in revenue. Justin has taken quite a few risks in his life, starting from humble beginnings to online poker to live trading accounts, then to mobile apps and finally to Rainforest Communications. The story of how Justin Sun made it big in his own right is an interesting one indeed.

Justin Sun

In 2021, Justin Sun created his first website called MySpace dot com. It was intended as a social networking site for college students. Later that year he received an invitation from a reputable internet guru to become his apprentice. At the time, Justin was still studying electrical engineering and was fascinated by the prospect of learning HTML from the experts. Since there were no internet courses on offer at the time, he was forced to work on MySpace as an intern under the guidance of guru Rajiv Dhami.

After a few months as an intern, Justin left to go to New York to pursue his master’s degree in computer science. Once in the Big Apple, he enrolled in the accelerator program at Tech Valley, where he began building websites for various Fortune 500 companies. In the meantime, he had also started creating mobile websites for clients in Australia, Canada and Ireland. All this gave him the confidence to create websites for himself, which led him to building the popular Facebook application for the first time.

When Justin arrived back from Australia, his mind was wired for the internet and so he turned his focus back to developing apps for mobiles. The first one of these apps was called i Sense, which integrates a user’s contacts and their activities together into one place. This way a user can keep track of all their favorite people and services in one place. Two months after Justin Sun left to study full time in the United States, Facebook made its first acquisition when it purchased iSense for around $40 million.

Two years later, Justin Sun left again to pursue his master’s degree in computer science and this time took an app route. He went after the iPad applications niche, which had yet to be completely taken over by competitors. After creating two more terrific iPhone apps, Justin finally released his app to the iPhone store. The app quickly reached the top ten in the charts and stayed there for two years.

When Justin Sun returned to Australia, his business was flourishing and he wanted to expand it even further. He decided to take his MySpace account and turn it into a smartphone app. One problem: no smartphones were available in Australia. So he turned to China, where there are hundreds of millions of users who use smartphones and the internet on a daily basis. Justin developed a mobile website that linked together MySpace users and his own apps.

Today, MySpace is still one of the most popular websites on the internet. Justin created another app that uses the MySpace widget to allow users to access their email accounts and schedule meetings from wherever they are. Justin Sun has gone on to create even more smartphone-oriented apps including one to help teach children how to play the keyboard on their smartphones. Justin started working full-time as a full-time consultant while continuing to work on his MySpace page.

If you have fond memories of growing up with a Nokia and learning how to surf the internet from your grandmother’s white picket fence, you may want to take a look at Justin Sun’s MySpace app. As he said in an interview with Fast Company, “The biggest thing for me personally has been creating an app that uses the internet to teach kids how to download music…I think it’s a great idea. I think it’s just another way for kids to learn how to do what they’ve got to do.” We are definitely looking forward to seeing more apps like this coming to the smartphone market.