August 4, 2021

Kong Vs Godzilla (Movie Review)

Kong Vs Godzilla (Movie Review)

Kong Vs Godzilla is a 1980 release in which the King of the Monsters makes his cinematic debut. The storyline is a combination of pulp fiction and real life history; as a result, it’s one of the more entertaining films you’ll likely see. atmospheric horror/apocalyptic scenes, Godzilla plays havoc with his enemies and the humans who try to save the world. King Kong vs Godzilla showcase the classic Godzilla theme, but also includes some lesser known characters and historical references. This makes this movie a fun, if slightly skewed, look into the history of King Kong, as well as a fun movie overall.

King Kong Vs Godzilla follows the story of Godzilla (Godzilla) who has been trapped underneath the Pacific Ocean due to a nuclear war. There are other giant monsters on Earth who are controlled by another fiend – namely, Godzilla. The other creatures try to destroy Godzilla, but he has a big ball that launches several boats into the water, drowning the evil creatures. Meanwhile, a strange vessel with an enormous creature on board passes through and captures Godzilla, locking him up inside.

When a group of rescue divers try to free him from the ship, they soon discover that the imprisoned Godzilla has a massive power level. He instantly springs out of his tank and takes on the human appearance of an ordinary human – except for his large eyes and mouth, which make him immediately recognizable. Having seen the effects of nuclear weapons, the U.S. military sends a team of specialists to take down the monster… One of these specialists is Carter, played by Steve McQueen.

Carter is a martial arts expert who is one of the best underwater rescue divers you’ll meet in the movies. As the team’s chief, he is very well trained in both counter-inspiring and underwater combat tactics and gets right in between Godzilla and the Kong’s suit. Despite having to wear the suit for most of the movie, Carter is not uncomfortable wearing the suit and even enjoys it. In fact, he even refers to it as his “personal shark-suit” and even joins the fight against Godzilla.

The fighting scenes in this movie are brutal. There are explosions, splinters, and a slew of nasty looking creatures who like to eat people (including Godzilla himself!). There are countless near misses during fights, and when a big guy gets punched it seems like his entire face comes off! It’s a lot of action, but it is also filled with comedy from various characters throughout the movie. It helps make Kong vs Goliath a fun and entertaining movie, no matter how many times you watch it.

If you’ve never seen this movie, you’re definitely missing out. Even if you have seen it, the improvements in special effects over previous Godzilla movies make it worth seeing just for the fun of it. The cast is fantastic, the acting is great, and the special effects are incomparable. Overall, Kong Vs Godzilla is a must-see movie…