August 4, 2021

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman is a former freestyle wrestling champion, a five-time freestyle wrestling champion at the U.S. collegiate level, as well as a rapper. Known as “The King”, he holds the record for most wins in UFC history with 18. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Usman trained in both wrestling and boxing at the University of Southern California. After his college days, he began a career in freestyle wrestling, where he earned multiple titles throughout the United States and Canada. He is also a rapper, rapping under the name “Reality”.

Known as a top-tier competitor on both coasts, Kamaru Usman has won the UFC Welterweight championship three times. He is the opponent many fight fans love to watch, as he utilizes a submission hold that is difficult to escape from. Usman uses his size and strength to overpower opponents, and he has proven this through his six title reigns. Kamaru Usman’s wrestling strength is very impressive, as he is able to take down opponents fairly easily. However, he is not exactly a heavy hitter, as he tends to get outboxed by quicker opponents who are more experienced.

At the amateur ranks, he has fought against some high-caliber fighters. Some of these opponents have impressed even Usman’s fans. For example, he recently fought against former WWE star Ricochetto Johnson. Johnson defeated him by submission, however, the win was rather one-sided as Ricochetto tapped out to Usman seconds later.

In an interesting bout, Usman faced off against former heavyweight champion “The Colossus”. Usman, who is 6-foot-3, used his long reach to counter a strike from “The Colossus” which had come straight from the ground. The fight went on for about three and a half minutes, as Usman repeatedly attempted to strike The Colossus, but he was continually held down by the big man. Eventually, with about ten minutes left in the fight, The Colossus was given the fight again.

During the second round, both fighters became quite exhausted and slow. Usman again tried to strike The Colossus, but he could not get close enough to the champion to even try. Finally, with about ten seconds left in the fight, The Colossus was given the fight again. This time, he did not use his grappling skills to the same effect as he did in his first fight, as he simply attempted to throw Usman to the mat.

This time, Usman threw his opponent to the mat and then used a guillotine choke to completely control him. Usman then proceeded to attack The Colossus with his full force, attempting to break loose and start fighting back. Eventually, the match was waved off with a score card of 10-5 in favor of The Colossus. As the match ended, both wrestlers were shaken up. Usman was bleeding heavily from his head and neck and he also had some minor injuries to his stomach, although they did not seem to be severe.

Both wrestlers were taken to a local hospital for further treatment. It was later announced that Usman had suffered a serious injury during the match. He is scheduled to have surgery on his damaged throat area, but according to his family, he will miss the rest of this year. Kamaru Usman’s trainer, Mark Siegel was quick to state that Usman’s condition is not as serious as it appears and that he should be back in action within the next few months.

Both wrestlers were back in the ring within the month. In their second match, The Colossus once again tried to attack Kamaru Usman, but this time, he did not succeed. Usman then launched into a battle with K-rusher Jeffries, which turned out to be an even contest where neither came out a winner. The official outcome was Usman with an arm injury.