August 4, 2021

Book Review of Aatha Black Cassie the Enchanter

Asta is the main lead in the anime series, Black Clover. He is an orphan that was raised by a church in a town called Hage in a small village known as Astral. He is also a member of the Black Bulls along with his three-leaf Clover grimoire, and a 3rd class black magician.

Asta Black Clover

He was taught magic by his foster-father, priests, and the priests’ chief, Hugo. It seems like he was treated fairly, but when the war started, Asta was separated from them and taken as a slave by pirates. When pirates captured his ship, they threw him overboard and threw him into the water.

Asta somehow survived and was found by adventurers, who became his lifelong friends. Eventually, he learned that his lifespan is limited because of dark energy. He could only do a limited amount of things and would die if exposed to dark energy for too long. In order to defeat enemies and to rise to be a greater individual, he must also use black magic. The power he gains from it allows him to transform himself into various animals and objects. This is usually what the people think of him as “The Dragon”.

This is the story of the young Cassie, who was adopted by the Order of the Black Knights. She was born with a magical power called Erythrulipsis but she was terrified of using it and decided never to use it ever again. Cassie lived with her foster-father and his four younger siblings in a small village near Estoril. The other children grew up learning how to protect themselves from monsters and Asta was assigned to be the guard of their home.

However, one day her foster-father found out that Asta has the ability to use black magic. Although it can’t be fully explained how she uses it, she gains enough strength from Erythrulipsis to trap her enemies within a ring of solid energy. From there, she can control them and make them do her bidding. She even traps her enemies inside the ring and makes them fall into a hole that leads to the underground city of Estoril. But Cassie’s ability to use black magic is so great that she soon learns how to control it and use it for good.

Although Asta doesn’t have a very long lifespan, in this series she actually develops a lot of friends and companionship. A lot of the stories in the series deal with her death. She meets some very interesting people throughout her short life and she falls in love with one of them in the end. The book ends with the entire family together though, so there’s still hope for the characters.

Black Magic: Destiny of an Ancient Girl is about black magic and all of it’s destructive possibilities. It deals with the dangers of energy abuse as well as the benefits. It’s written by Kay Laxton, who is well known for her children’s books about energy and her work on the Narnia series as well.

The Black Magic series will continue in the second book called Dragonheart. I’m pretty sure we’ll learn about some more of Cassie’s powers. This book promises to be excellent. Asta Black Cassie is a fast author, which is good because you always know what to expect from her books. She keeps you interested while maintaining a fast pace. If you’re a dark fantasy fan or new reader, this series will satisfy those needs without overdoing it.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read an adventure with magic in it that was this good, but Dragonheart lives up to the expectations. I’m looking forward to seeing where Cassie gets to take her character next. I feel like she’s just getting started with her spellcasting adventures, but she could keep readers guessing for many books to come.

Aatha is a wizard and an illusionist. That is a tough combination to create, but Aatha creates her characters very well. Her description of the world she lives in, along with her descriptions of creatures she meets, are rich and descriptive. It’s easy to lose yourself in Aatha’s world as she drifts through life while battling evil and creating her own version of happiness and sadness. Readers will feel connected to Aatha as she takes you through the ups and downs of existence as she practices magic and seeks to understand her own energy and how to use it wisely.

So, if you’re looking for a good magic book, with great character development, a fast pace, and great illustrations, then you might want to consider Aatha Black Cassie series. This is a young adult fantasy series that’s perfect for beginning readers. It’s also perfect for people who have enjoyed the Harry Potter series. It’s a book that’s not only fun to read but has some good lessons to learn as well.