August 4, 2021

The Rise of Women

The Rise of Women’s MMA and UFC 260

UFC 262 is going to be the first to fight in the new women’s featherweight division. The bout will feature former two-time champion, Cris Cyborg. The fight is scheduled for sometime in April or May of 2021. This article covers the preliminary card, which took place in February, as well as the main event, which takes place later this summer. I hope that you enjoy!

UFC 262

In UFC 262, “Cris Cyborg” (4-1) will face Sarah Kaufman (3-2). They are scheduled to meet on the undercard of “The Ultimate Warrior” fight in April. They are both ranked #5 in the women’s strawweight division and have fought each other many times before.

First, Cris Cyborg went into a controversial weigh-in, where she claimed she was 70% behind Jessica Aguilar. Later in the night, she was informed that her weights had been cut from two pounds to one pound. Cris Cyborg then gave an interview to the media stating that she would now fight on the same undercard weigh-in as she did against Claudia Weiler. When the time came to fight against Weiler in the main event, nobody besides Cyborg seemed to think that she would win. However, she impressed the crowd and defeated Weiler via submission.

Since this was a showcase fight, it was expected that several other women would step up to challenge for the vacant women’s belt. One of those would be Sarah Kaufman. Another would be Valentina Shevchenko. But, did you know that female fighters only account for 3% of the audience?

Due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict, no women got to fight. The only woman to compete was Gina Carano, who lost by submission to Jessica Aguilar. Women were not even allowed to watch the fight. So, what is the deal with women fighting in the UFC?

The answer is simple. It is all about business. The UFC, like Major League Baseball, is largely a business for the top athletes. They have contracts to sell tickets, sponsor specific matches, and promote pay per view events.

If women are going to fight, they need to get paid. And, they are not going to get paid unless they can beat the men. Unfortunately, in this day and age, women are not match enough to beat men, even in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Therefore, they lose a lot of money when they sign up for Tough Enough.

It is time that women are given a chance to fight for themselves. Just because they are smaller, does not mean they cannot compete. They just need to fight against stronger opponents. In fact, the Women’s Flyweight division is currently lacking a true champion. The most notable fighter to break the mold is Cris Cyborg, but she is a complete novice in the UFC. She has beaten some big names, but she still needs a lot of help to get a title shot.

Many people would like to see Ronda Rousey, one of the best women in the world, the fight against the Men’s Heavyweight champion, but she is recovering from an extensive injury she sustained in the Olympics. With her recent win over Holly Holm, it seems as though she is ready to challenge for the belt again, but until then, there are no women competing against the men in the UFC. A lot of fans would like to see Ronda defeat Joe Rogan, but she has yet to fight anyone of a comparable size and style to her. Women in the UFC could certainly improve their chances of competing against men if they were to face bigger and stronger competitors.

The problem with the lack of a major women’s fight within the UFC is that they have to deal with so many fans complaining about how bad it is for women. It is becoming a tradition for some to chant, “RondaRousey sucks” at any time the women are involved in a fight. Some fighters get so mad that they have to be protected by security guards at certain events.

One thing that can help change this trend is the growth of women’s mixed martial arts organizations. There are now several top notch women’s leagues in different parts of the world. In the United States, there are the Strikeforce women’s featherweight title and the WSOF. In Europe, there are the ACB and the Bera girls’ wrestling league. These women’s leagues provide a platform for women to fight and prove themselves against some of the best female fighters in the world.

I believe it is very important that women learn what it takes to stand up and fight for their rights. It is unfair that some women are being subjected to abuse and violence just because they wish to be a fighter. With all the violence against women in the media today, it is absolutely important that women realize that they can do anything they put their minds to. Fighting does not define who you are as a person, and it doesn’t have to. If more women would fight for their rights, the world would be a better place.